Ci Sei Rimasto (The Swing) was designed in 2018, for the exhibition Ailanto<3, curated by Fulvio Chimento, inside the Archaeological Park of Appia Antica in Rome. In 2019 the work is also exhibited in the exhibition Alchemilla at Palazzo Vizzani-Sanguinetti (Bologna), where the Swing is placed in the inner courtyard of the sixteenth-century building. Finally, the Swing arrives at Do ut Do, a project promoted by the Association of Friends of the Hospice Foundation with the aim of raising funds for the Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus Foundation.

The work crystallizes a typical thrill of childhood that is shared by all: the moment of suspension you experience between staying high and starting to descend. There may be various interpretations that it accepts. IOf the work is meant to reference Peter Pan syndrome, the wing will remain suspended high because you don’t want to quit the game. If it is understood as an expression of the essence of street art, then the installation alludes to the game, play, imagination, creative momentum, (the seat remains stuck in its ascending phase), characteristics of the artistic process and real life.

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