The Mural Painting is a manifesto dedicated to the leading company in the gearbox industry and tells its story, placing it within a wider context that is represented by the technological evolution of the world, from its beginning until today.

Bonfiglioli’s inventions are described in a wider narrative, dotted with elements characteristic of the technical and technological world. It starts from the founding period of the company, 1956, with elements such as the hammer, the anvil, the wire phone; then a model of train of the 70’s, a stereo of the 80’s, a CD, a flash drive, etc.

In the artwork, almost all these elements are told together with the inventions of Bonfiglioli, that are the different gearboxes that the company has developed over time. The manifesto thus begins to narrate the contribution that the Bonfiglioli company has brought to the technical and technological evolution of the world.

The company has always kept up with the times, both from a technological point of view, and in the field of research and development. The manifesto describes this trend through the design of the EVO symbol that becomes a key expression of the way the world has evolved, thus bringing out important inventions, such as the reducer, perhaps less known, but of great value, like the telephone. Overall, the EVO design itself appears as a large machine, or an  engine, that describes the evolution of Bonfiglioli within the technical and technological evolution of the world to which it has made a great contribution to.

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Total panoramic  view of a big wall painting representing the historic evolution of the Binfiglioli Riduttori Company. Wall painting by Dado.