In this project , the artist wanted to talk about the company and its method of production, characterized by precision mechanics and a great creative ability.

The position of the artwork is important, as it develops along the entrance wall of the main factory of the company, while in front there is the bar room, a place where workers entertain themselves during breaks. With this commission, therefore, the company wanted to increase the welfare of the employees, enhancing the working space through the important combination of Art and Business.

The length of the wall has made it possible to develop a real frieze in which the concept of “metamorphosis” takes place, from chaos to order and vice versa, in a relationship of mutual interdependence. The frieze can therefore be read from left to right or from right to left. The metamorphosis is represented by organic shapes that are transformed into geometric shapes in an isometric perspective and by geometric shapes that change into organic shapes (leaves, flowers, water jets, etc.). Organic shapes represent the most intuitive forms, which refer to the creativity of the company, always striving towards research and innovation. The core of the transformation takes place both through the design of the writing Bonfiglioli, both through the repetition of the brand of the company, represented by the geometric figures of the circle, the drop and the rhombus. The work “Metamorphosis” aims to represent the character of the company, always evolving, thanks to its ability to move in different areas ranging from research to new ways of design; from precision mechanics to creative intuition; a dynamism that has led the Company to stand out in the world thank to the production of numerous patents.

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