The series of pieces with the theme of the “anatomy of writing” maintains the objective of explaining to the public how a graffiti is composed. Each piece, therefore, should be understood as a real table of anatomy that highlights all the parts of which the drawing of the writing is composed. Geometric speculations on shapes (projections, twists, symmetries, etc.) as well as their composition are highlighted.

The study of writing and the design of the signs that make up the letters represents an essential component of Dado’s art. The artist has dedicated a lot of time to it and thanks to this type of constant research he has managed to impose himself in the scene of the “writing” thanks to the unmistakable style of his works.

The thought and research of DADO are contained in a very complete way in the book of which he is the author: “Teoria del writing – La ricerca dello stile”.

The preparatory tables of anatomy were exhibited in two exhibition that enclose the most important passages of the path of research of the artist’s style, 

  • Ailanto, Biblioteca d’arte Poletti di Modena (2016), for further information:

  • Sinopie di un Writer , at the Musée de l’OHM, within the Museo Medievale di Bologna, for further information:

Both exhibitions were curated by Fulvio Chimento

Over the year several works have been realized that elaborate this theme:

  1. Anatomy 1: Dado Exploded – Festival Draw the Line – Campobasso, 2011
  2. Anatomy 2: Sphere Anatomy of Writing – Sphere Anatomy of Writing Campobasso, 2016
  3. Anatomy 3: Black and White – Oz, Bologna, 2016. The photo of the artwork is contained in the book written by Lokiss ”Graffiti writing expressions manifests” Edited by Hazan
  4. Anatomy 4: Study of Writing – event curated by Luca Pichenstein, Zambana, 2017
  • Title: Anatomia 4: Studio di scrittura
  • Location: Zambana, Trento
  • Year: 2017