This bas-relief, compared to the previous “New Classic”, is situated in an external location and thus returns to the so called “streets”. The context however is in a historic center and next to the art work there are the walls of a medieval church. It’s from this encounter between this type of architecture and bas-relief that the artwork is born from with an expression of a paradox. In fact, the frieze is the sculptural version of a piece painted years before in an underground context , its aesthetic however accomplishes a revolution, passing from 2D of the graffiti to the 3D of the frieze “monochrome”. Thus the materialization of a union between two worlds far away in time takes place. Inside this paradox sprouts the transversality between contemporary iconography and medieval icons, placed on the same plane, without one having to strive to take on the appearance of the other. In the paradox two antithetical points of view are also reconciled: that of the society for which graffiti on the walls represent an illegal action and that of the writer, often moved by a decorative intention. In the moment that the art piece is concretized in the bas-relief work, then, the diatribe vanishes.

This sculpture was created for the collective exhibition Non ci sei solo tu [You’re not the only one]