In 2015, the educational section of the mart rovereto, gave the go-to street area a cycle of workshop dedicated to the writing and the Urban Art Curated by Luca Pichenstein, sociologist collaborator of the museum and curator of the festival wall letteing. Is born from the need for a general overview about the writing, historical, theoretical sections and direct trials. The Series of workshops is composed of three offers: Street Base and two exceptional annual appointments with the artists. Street Base is dedicated to schools and is active for the whole year. Appointments with artist are designed and carried out directly with the main protagonists of this current artistic. In the five days dedicated to each one, the artists selected participants involved in the experiment, and live in the realization of a collective final installation. In 2015 the protagonists were ETNIK, with its forms and metaphysical perspective, Agostino Iacurci, with its figures of synthesis. The 2016 Edition has sold out with the protagonists Corn79 and Dado Ferri.

In the appointment of may, dice, Historical Writer Italian, has developed a role-playing game. The challenge that the artist has proposed to the over 300 participants is to free the creativity. Dado has asked that transformed the letters that make up their names on the signs and graphic forms. In a word, the essence of writing.

Each participant, irrespective of age from 12 until 60 years old, has redesigned the lines of the letters of his name according to his disposition. The support that the artist and the curator have chosen to use a card A3 is the silhouette of a rail-wagon, spontaneous symbol of the birth of the practice of writing and a half of physical and cultural link. At the end of the meetings, the artist has asked the elaborated on loan to give life to the ephemeral installation “on the side of the children”. a train of 300 wagons of paper entirely painted. The installation in the sculpture garden of the mart is a pure sign and ephemeral, as temporary and unrepeatable, each car will be returned to who painted it. “this is proof that to be art is the action of the writing, the subject of discipline innate inherent in each and every one of us”.

The power of the installation is the creativity of many in a single. In it the artist chooses to describe the poetics of his power, the base of a hypothetical manifesto. “You don’t want to describe the wind, it describes the thing that moves the wind. This work is inspired by the most conceptual and romantic of what is happening in the world of writing. The warn the gesture writing as a form of representation of the se and the perception of what surrounds. The writing determines one of the most common languages in the contemporary. A visceral need graphically expressed.”

  • Title: Treno di Graffiti
  • Year: 2016
  • Location: Mart Rovereto