On the 12th of September, 2020, the Colab Gallery opened the group exhibition ‘Papers Please’.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the art and culture sector.
For the safety and well-being of its visitors, the Colab Gallery was also forced to abruptly terminate the last exhibition and close its halls for an uncertain period of time. The gallery’s long-standing tradition of presenting a new group exhibition to coincide with the Art Basel weekend was interrupted, also causing the entire upcoming schedule for the year 2020 to be thrown overboard.
The world was forced into lockdown and still is in many parts. For artists such an isolated state is a natural part of the process of their art, when they concentrate on working in their studios for longer periods whilst developing new ideas and art projects.
During this crisis the Colab Gallery remains solidly united with the scene and shows its colours for the contemporary urban and graffiti art.
We would like to support our artists and provide them with the possibility of coping with lean times.
Invited artists are not expected to travel and take risks as long as the international situation has not improved. On this basis we have invited all artists of past years to forward two current work of art on paper to us.
We proudly present a broad cross section of contemporary work of the scene to our audience. More than 90 artists will be presenting their work on paper for the exhibition ‘Papers Please’. We are expecting drafts, collages, paintings as well as print editions produced by urban artists from all over the world.
Motifs, techniques and style will be diverse as the participating artists themselves. The multi-faceted collection will be presented on-line as a digital exhibition.

Papers Please, website