Second edition of O(Ax)=dO(Am) Impossible Equation, exhibition project developed by an idea of
Daniele Torcellini and curate by the Cultural Association Marte, on display in Ravenna from October
26th up to November 10th 2013 at the Art Museum of the City, Ninapì Art Gallery and
Planetarium, during the International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic RavennaMosaico.
The project keeps on investigating around the concepts of originality, appropriation and derivation in
art and in visual culture and on the technical and linguistic specificities of the mosaic. Works in mosaic made by fifteen artists are object of translation by other fifteen artists employing other artistic forms, painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance, music and so on.

The project intends to call into question the roles of creator, executor and interpreter of a message. The translator artists have been asked to realize an unreleased work where the operation of translation of amosaic be an investigation on mosaic itself as medium, with its features, limits and possibilities. The starting point is the well known principle, stated by Marshall McLuhan, “the medium is the message”.
The main aim of the project is that of favouring exchanges and interactions between artists coming
from different “elds, in a roles game which wants to enrich and stimulate critical thought on the
production, transmission and reception of art. The project is part of “Prove Tecniche – Ravenna 2019”.

At the end the core of the Installation and the intrinsic object of the Exhibition is the “Equation” that sits at the origin of the sculpture itself, explained here:

  • Title: Equazione Impossibile O(Ax) = dO(Am)
  • Year: 2013
  • Location: Ravenna