Artwork designed for an interior space. It is a sculptural reworking of a graffiti, painted previously on a wall. The piece was then transformed into this bas-relief to highlight the beauty of the forms and their composition.

The artwork is one of the first translations from a drawing of a graffiti (pictorial field) to a three dimensional object that becomes part of an environment. This bas-relief was painted in lumen,  it is a cream-white painting which has the ability to capture light and release it into darkness, making the surface of the object luminescent, this feature allows you to imprint the shadows of people or objects that linger in front of the surface so treated. Therefore, the paint used makes it possible to “dirty” the work with the shadows, reversing what generally happens in the urban context. In fact, on a conceptual level, graffiti are “pointed at” because they dirty the city; in this case, the extruded graffiti becomes a bas-relief, a clean object that is stained by the projected shadows of the beholder.