The inspiration from which the work was born is the result of the reflections and ideas received thanks to the curatorial idea of Fulvio Chimento and Carlotta Minarelli, for the project Arcipelago Fossil, at the first edition of the artistic exhibition Sentieri d’arte.

The choice of dandelion comes from the observation of the landscape of Cortina. The work maintains a coherence with the previous artistic path, in fact, takes up the basic elements of a communication system (letters, sounds, symbols).

It is a site-specific work, designed for the space in which it is installed. The sculpture, in wood, is a modular structure that enhances the geometry of the dandelion. The work maintains the same lightness and transparency of the flower. The sculpture moves with the wind, producing a sound quite similar to that emitted by blowing on the dandelion to make a wish.

The plant, which in nature is very small, is magnified so much to overwhelm the visitor. The intention is to make the gaze sink into the details of the landscape. It then creates a reversal in the relationship between man and nature, such that nature becomes the protagonist and the visitor a part of it.

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