Sphere number 1 – Snowflake

Innovative work, so long as compared to the others that develop horizontally or vertically, in this, the tag “Dado” is circular and reads clockwise and counterclockwise. The composition of letters is made with ribbons, organized in order to create a balance between solids and voids. At first glance, it strikes the tangle that accompanies an idea of chaos; at a second observation, you notice the symmetry of the shapes, the balance of light and shadows, of the full and the empty. 

Snowflake stands out from other works in the series “Spheres” for its tendency to want to disappear into the wall, instead of standing out from it. Original choice for the urban art context, where the pieces invade and contaminate the walls in a very decisive and evident way. The design is clearly thought out to blend with the landscape of Cles.