The Battiscopa is further an architectural element used as a decorative element: it internally surrounds the perimeter of rooms and houses, so it can be customised and used as a “brand” of a company or as a trace of its own space (mental and physical) inside a house or a room.

Through this type of work I can create what I call “a strip”. It is not only an emblem of the critical and dialectical relationship between the two worlds (street and art), but it becomes a measure of the change of the artistic/domestic territory following the invasions of the urban territory and the progressive mutations due to illegal painting. Here is a clean and continuously redesigned cycle that the territory somatizes to the point of transforming the baseboards of the houses in “domestic graffiti”. To this intuition I came across the obsessive repetition of graffiti throughout the city. Repetition that is often understood (and between-understood), as exasperation of the ego of the proponent. In reality it hides several poetic aspects of an experimental nature aimed at training and discovering the continuous and always renewed ability to formulate calligraphic subjects that are capable of supporting a draw-ing. I find this capability quite interesting.

Equally interesting is the “misunderstanding” as a creative element that surrounds my artistic atmosphere.